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Dear Colleague,

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If you’re feeling sorry for yourself because you've been trying and trying and getting nowhere... It's NOT your fault - you just haven't been told HOW - that's all.

If you’re looking for site traffic (and a dead-cert easy way to make a fast profit - paid into your bank INSTANTLY)... what I'm about to reveal is literally like a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card - at last, someone's pieced it all together... and is sharing the secret.

If you’re a traffic pro... Read 'em and weep - because there is NOTHING else like this on the Internet! If you're wise, you'll learn the lessons. If not, you'll just keep doin' what you're doin'.

If you call yourself a "traffic guru" ... stick around and quit faking it. I never met a 'traffic guru' yet who had the faintest idea what the %&$@# he was talking about, so you're about to learn a load of stuff you most definitely didn't know!

Fiona Castro Troy, I've got to say that I was very skeptic about whether The Traffic Jam Formula would work for me or not. Well after just one week, I can tell you that I'm no longer a skeptic and I'm singing your praises to everyone I know!

This program rocks! I'm getting more subscribers than I've ever had, I'm already noticing the extra traffic to my pages, and I'm making new sales of The Traffic Jam Formula daily. I can't tell you what that means to someone who's been trying to crack the internet for years with no real success.

Thanks a lot - Fiona Castro Toronto - Canada

This isn't going to take more than a couple of minutes. So pay close attention while I make you THREE UNCONDITIONAL, WRITTEN IN STONE, TAKE-THEM-TO-THE-BANK PROMISES that NO-ONE ELSE would ever dare to make:

I promise that what you're about to read, you will find NOWHERE ELSE ON THE WEB. Because TheTrafficJam Formula is 100% UNIQUE, not some regurgitated rubbish that doesn't work.

I promise that, if you follow the simple methods I'm about to outline, you can pull MILLIONS OF VISITORS OR MORE to the website of your choice.

Just set aside a little of your spare time to get my system going, then watch as the dynamics take over and your site visitor stats grow exponentially.

I promise that I will show you how you can turn this information into a 100% PROFIT INCOME in less than one hour from NOW... Money that nobody else will ever touch ... Money that will go straight into YOUR pocket... Money that you don't have to share with ANYONE (and that includes me!)

Dare to read on, because I AM GOING TO GIVE YOU THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM...

I absolutely guarantee that, if you follow the easy steps that I set out, you will see your site counter climb steadily to the stars... And I'm going to show you how a combination of my product and my method will make you A HANDS-FREE 100% PROFIT WITH ZERO COST.


Believe me, I've been Internet marketing long enough to know what I'm talking about. And - as my many subscribers will tell you - I don't promise unless I can deliver... EVER!

I have just got to the end of my re-branding process, and saw where you have invited me to e-mail you with any problems. Well... I haven't got any. But I couldn't let the opportunity go by to congratulate you on a really wonderful wonderful job.

Clear, concise, honest...bloody great mate. Just bloody great. Thanks a million.

Alex Wilson
Toowoomba QLD
"So Frustrating"
Thank you Troy for your words of wisdom. I'd almost given up with this damn internet. It's so frustrating. But then I found you and everything has changed, just in the last few weeks. Thanks to Traffic Jam Formula my subscriber list is growing, and now I'm beginning to see affiliate sales that never used to be there.

Your product's great and you're a great guy to work with. Thanks for all the answers, and thanks for being there!

Rebecca Johnson:
Minnesota - USA
"Counter Spin"
Dear Troy,
I took a look at my site counter and was staggered by the number of visitors I had had during the previous 24 hours.

I refreshed my screen and it had jumped another 20. I refreshed again, and 10 more. I can't believe that this works so well. It's too simple, really! - I love it... thanks!!!

George Fergusson:
Manchester U.K.

While you think about how you can turn around your business with unlimited Website traffic and your own profit-making website, here are just a couple of FACTS!...

All the top names in Internet Marketing are doing it right - they're getting visitors to their sites - but they've not worked out WHAT they're doing right! So...


What you read in The Traffic Jam Formula, you will read NOWHERE ELSE ON THE WEB. Because TheTrafficJam Formula is 100% UNIQUE and only a very, very limited number of qualified people have the rights to distribute it.


Let me tell you something about the Internet in case you're new to this crazy Wild West Show...

You'll come to realise that there are hundreds, or even thousands of people who "strut their stuff" on the Web but who have never experienced commerce in the "real" world.

What they don't know - they INVENT!
What they can't invent - they STEAL!

They've never been there. They've never done it. And sure as hell, they don't have the T shirts! ... In fact - They Don't Have ANYTHING

Worse still, there are 'Internet Delinquents'... people who 'borrow' this formula and 'hijack' everyone else's ideas, then rewrite them like they dreamed stuff up for themselves (then they call themselves "traffic gurus"... )

Also there are the 'Flog It To Death Merchants'. People who had an original idea once but keep flogging it into the ground without ever updating it to suit the ever-changing Internet. (They, too, call themselves "traffic gurus"... )

I don't know which are worse -
the traffic gurus, or the traffic gurus!

But don't be fooled by all this Internet stupidity. TheTrafficJam Formula IS THE REAL THING. This is genuine 24karat GOLD not some tired rehash of someone else's hard work... and we've just updated it AGAIN - the third time in the last 18 months (and we'll keep doing so) - THAT'S how reliable it is!

You see, NOBODY can question my credentials. I didn't stumble across a simple formula one day while I was surfing the net. The ghost of some long dead guru didn't reveal any 'traffic secrets from the grave', and I didn't get 50,000 visitors the first week I started using my system.

But you can click here for actual proof of what happened on just one web site years ago when I first started using this system... (opens in a new window.)

I WORKED MY BUTT to understand and document effective traffic strategies - and now, I'm going to share them with you.

When I first came out with The Traffic Jam Formula, e-books had not long been invented. For those of you who remember, I was among the first to create and sell an e-book in 100% digitally downloaded format via Windows.

Now, I've out-done myself again... Now I'm propelling the whole enchalada up another notch (just watch as everybody else fights to keep up!)

The Traffic Jam Formula has helped tens of thousands of people create products, make money online, and bank the cash. (After all, 25,000+ contented owners can't ALL be wrong!)

The only downside is, those methods have become such a part of Internet culture, they are old hat now. They're in all the e-books, even the free ones.

So I've revamped, retooled, souped up, added new stuff and turbo charged the new version of The Traffic Jam Formula. Plus, by popular demand, I'm going to make it possible for you to sell it (fully rebranded) from your own web pages in less than one hour from now.

If you have followed this industry the past 5 years, you KNOW that I consistently come up with new information, methods and tools. Well, I've packed in a bunch of new ideas, twists, secrets, methods and angles into The Traffic Jam Formula and this time round, WE'RE EVEN GOING TO GIVE YOU A FREE WEBSITE AND FREE HOSTING IF YOU WANT TO RESELL IT. That means a GENUINE 100% PROFIT - and it goes direct to YOU! (Nobody else will ever see it or touch it.)

You see, e-books are not dead. In fact, they're booming more than ever. It's just that most of them offer very little original material, and are way over-priced.

Only ORIGINAL MATERIAL is in demand
And The Traffic Jam Formula is 100% original

So I want to not only show you how to get all the site traffic you need, I also want to provide you with a way of passing that information on to others and keeping ALL the profits.

I'm going to demonstrate to you a whole new TRAFFIC AND PROFIT STRATEGY. And I'm going to show you all the bits you never even thought of (and some strategies that people tried to tell me just weren't possible to achieve!)

One thing is sure; even if you've read all the books like I have, you’re still reading this article. Which suggests to me that you haven't yet discovered the TOTAL strategy. If you had, you would already be getting unlimited visitors to your web site, and you wouldn't be here!

"Beyond the usual"
...EXTREMELY pleased. I couldn't have asked for more.

This book goes beyond the usual stuff... "Submit to search engines, buy ezine ads, etc.". You've developed a whole plan, and explain WHY and WHEN I should do certain things.

My sales reflect my new visitor levels, and I'm making more than I ever have, particularly since your methods don't have to cost anything. - Thanks a lot, Troy

Bob Bruce:
"Outside the box"
Troy, you've done it again, haven't you. What a great service! I always knew you were the master at thinking 'outside the box', but this one just sets new standards for others to try and live up to.

Not only do you get a GREAT eBook and all the condensed wisdom within, but also, for not a single cent extra, you get your own sales page and keep 100% of the profits. - It's INCREDIBLE!

Great stuff, buddy. Keep it going.

Colin Dawson:
Florida - USA
I've got to say that I POSITIVELY LOVE this ebook - this is so full of positively vital information that anyone who follows your traffic building plans are going to have their work cut out to keep up with all the new business!

I can't believe that you're giving all this away for the price, plus including resale and redistribution rights - that's what I call phenomenal. Thanks Troy!

Steve Shaw:


Here's How I'm Going To Help You
Get OVER ONE MILLION Visitors To Your Website!

OK. Let's get down to the good stuff. You've got a product or service you want to promote. Maybe you're just an affiliate for other peoples' products. The question is, how is the best way for you to get visitors to these sites?

You can use direct mail. But it's darned expensive and your product may bomb! You may lose your shirt.

You can mass email a bought list. But you'd better be prepared for a backlash of spam and the probability of being suspended by your ISP.

You can try the FFA sites and Safelists and legitimately email a couple of thousand people a day (and have 1,999 of your emails automatically trashed by the recipients).

You can...

Yeah, I know, you've already been there, and already done that. Probably several times!

Hey, join the club. I'm a sucker for a good sales pitch, too!

But The Traffic Jam Formula will tell you...

The amazing synergy that a few simple, effective, interlocking traffic-pulling systems can produce.

Actual examples of multi-million dollar online businesses using variations of our formula. How it's done in the real world.

Why automation is so important, and what's the easiest and most effective way of achieving it? You don't want to miss this one!

How to find and negotiate with the REAL traffic-generators.

What are the VERY BEST Associate Programs? Seeing is believing!

Who pays YOU the most? You be the judge of this benefit!

Why is nobody else telling you this? The truth can be a little scary!

How to quickly build your own Opt-In list. Why it's so important.

How to make sure your Affiliate links don't get hijacked. Stop the rip-off DEAD in its tracks.

How to run a traffic-generating Affiliate Program.

How to post to 500,000 potential customers EVERY DAY for nothing. Take advantage of this now!

How your own Newsletter will blast your visitor numbers and your sales. (And you don't even have to write it yourself!)

What value a name and an email address? And why!

How to work Newsgroups. This one's really cool!

How to REALLY crack the search engine conundrum. You'd better not believe everything everyone's telling you!

How to optimize your site for best results. Forget the hype - it takes just a couple of minutes!

How external links can either increase your site traffic or get you blocked by the Search Engines.

And that's just the beginning. There's more...

  Secrets you can take to the bank... LITERALLY.

  You've tried free-for-all links sites, free classified ads, some paid ads, you've submitted your pages to all those thousands of search engines and you've used the bulletin boards to pound out your URL. You've sent off articles to e-zines and posted in forums. When do the good times roll? Where's the traffic?

  Multi-step marketing: What works and what doesn't. Why?

  What to do tomorrow morning to start getting traffic to your site.

  How to ratchet up the formula using free traffic synergies that will just amaze you.

  Would you like to get 1,000 referrals at a time? Referrals are the best source of new business bar none. But normally they just trickle in. A great strategy to turn that trickle into a flood.

  What you need to know about using direct mail successfully.

  The awful TRUTH about Meta Tags, and how you can ignore them!

  What NOT to buy. And why not!

  A daily action plan that will catapult your visitor stats right into the next century

  A complete, step-by-step explanation of my astonishing formula... You'll see why it's so different.

  AND access to our Members-Only Web Pages with OVER ONE HUNDRED truly awesome little-known resources that can be yours at the click of a mouse.

But wait ... We're not done yet!!

Step-by-step advice you can use to start your very own Internet business in as little as 48 hours!

100s of FREE and cheap online tools, resources, and software that you can use to automate your web site (and can save you 35 hours or more every week)!

How to build a top-selling web site... for less than $100! I don't care how small your budget is, we'll show you the cheapest ways to build a web site that sells!

How to get #1 rankings in the search engines and get tons of FREE traffic from the "Big Guys" like Google

Secrets to writing sales copy that can increase sales by up to 400% (or MORE)!

How to get 1,000s of qualified NEW visitors to your web site... for FREE!

Turning leads into lifetime customers with e-mail marketing

Dominating your market using affiliate programs

Expanding your business to reach international markets

How to get 1,000s of subscribers to your newsletter

Sources of FREE advertising and traffic

And as if all that's not enough...

  ++PLUS++ The surefire Smart Rankings System to optimize your search engine rankings for top positions in your chosen keywords

  ++PLUS++ How to AT LEAST DOUBLE your affiliate link hits IMMEDIATELY This one is a GUARANTEED winner!

All the above and a lot more is what you'll find inside this exclusive formula.

You will find information that's never been released before to public eyes and, IF YOU ACT RIGHT AWAY, you'll be able to profit from it before most of the Internet Community even finds out it exists!

... you will literally get an unfair advantage over your competitors by having "insiders" information before everyone else does!

No other book, no other manual, no other site can give you everything you'll get here. No one!

And the information you get is not just *theory* to read and file away... you will get the EXACT instructions you need to make your website teem with visitors - BIGTIME.

A Web-Based Product

Let me tell you first of all, that TheTrafficJam Formula is a Web-Based Publication. (It is live on the web with no requirement to download anything).

  1. It is suitable for MacIntosh users, who get a rough deal when it comes to most downloadable eBooks.
  2. It is suitable for people with a WebTV system, who are unable to download files.
  3. It will ALWAYS remain updated - a perpetual up-to-date reference.
  4. It doesn't rely on .exe files, .pdf files, .zip files, or any other nonsense. WYSIWYG - What You See Is What You Get, straight on your screen.
  5. You can rebrand it easily and quickly, in minutes.
  6. You can resell it without ever having to download it, upload it, or even worry about the bandwidth! I'll host your site direct on my own dedicated servers, and I'll set it all up for you. All you have to do is send your site traffic (and I even tell you how to do that!)

"At last!"
I'd about given up. Having struggled through the web pages of a so-called traffic guru and found them to be a waste, I didn't think I was ever going to find the solution. Yours was the last resort.

It's undoubtedly the most practical, actionable and certain system I've ever seen.

Now I'm easily selling TheTrafficJam™ Formula... and simply taking 100% profit - talk about "neat"!

Mandy Harris:
King's Lynn
I have been looking over and working through your newest version of The Traffic Jam Formula, which I signed up for the hosted version. I must say... AWESOME. You really are an artist with this stuff, an engineer. Pardon the flattery, but you really do amaze me.

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you and that I greatly appreciate your work. You are an inspiration. I have decided that from here on out I will do nothing to mislead and take advantage of people. You are so right in your attitude that lying may make a quick sale, but it does not build trust or loyalty.

Steward Oliver:
Newcastle - UK
"Blown Away"
I tell you, Troy, I'm just blown away!

I spent months and months trying to build my own list. I used all the (expensive) tools on offer from other marketers, and my total subscribers was 455!

Now, just six weeks with you and I have a mailing list of almost 20,000 and sales coming in most every day.

Your system works, Troy. BIG TIME!. - Thanks.

Danielle Robbins:
Michigan - USA


Here's How I'm Going To Give You 100% Profit
- Straight Into YOUR POCKET!

Nearly all of the traffic-pulling methods in TheTrafficJam Formula are TOTALLY FREE. They cost nothing to implement.

Which means that you can pull all the traffic you want for just the price of this publication.

But now, after 4 years of additional research and improvement, TheTrafficJam Formula has finally come of age and I'm going make you a final promise...

Here's a fact for you... and I think it will surprise you... When you partner with me at, you are automatically granted THE REBRANDING AND REDISTRIBUTION RIGHTS. That means you can rebrand all the affiliate links, then sell and redistribute this incredible system just as often as you want, for exactly the same price as I do.


And I MEAN 100%...

You don't even have to set up your own website... I'll provide you with a full, working copy of this site, fully hosted and ready to roll - ABSOLUTELY FREE!

And I'll Even Set That Up For You, Too!

You know what that means? It means you're just about to pick up a great system AND a great product. And I promise that the two together, plus the powerful knowledge of how to pull as much site traffic as you want, will recoup many, many, many times your investment in this product.

Just think about it... NO MATTER HOW MUCH I CHARGE, you only need to sell ONE copy to break even. After that, it's 100% profit all the way.

"Best courses"
Hi Troy,

Michael from Quincy again.

These are the best Internet courses I have ever read.

Profit-Blaster and The Traffic Jam Formula.

I'm not kidding.

Back to reading...

Michael Kohler:
"The best e-book"
Hi Troy, you still impress me with your quick response. Some Internet gurus have something to learn here.

I also will tell you that the e-book "The Traffic Jam Formula" is the best e-book I have read to this point in life, and I have been surfing on Internet about 2 years now, and read a lot of books and articles about the issue of making money on Internet.

Oddvar Meyer:
What a BRILLIANT piece of work, Troy. This is the very BEST traffic formula I have read. Easy to follow, easy to understand - even for newbies like me.

Keep up the good work.

Jason Kooba:
New South Wales - Australia


Here's How I'm Going To
Give You Even More Income-Generators.

Nearly 100% of all the links in The Traffic Jam Formula are rebrandable to YOUR affiliate pages.

In the early versions, I used 'cutting edge' technology that would let me give you the major links (about 10 all told). But now, we're into a whole new ball game, and the technology is even sharper and cuts even deeper! Now you can fully rebrand almost every single link in the book.

In fact, the only ones that you can't rebrand are a few that are either free downloads, or links that simply don't have an affiliate program!

So, on top of everything else...
I'm Going To Show You Exactly How To Rebrand This Amazing eBook, Just Minutes From Now!

You see, once it's been rebranded, you can give it away as a prize, a bonus, part of a package deal, an incentive. It's YOURS to do what you want with.

Use it as a 'thank you' to people who subscribe to your e-zine. Put a link to it in your email sig file. Tell the world about it because, with your own profit-pulling links inside, it's win-win all the way to your bank!

Here's How I'm Going To
Build Your Opt-in List For You

I just mentioned giving away your branded version of TheTrafficJam Formula.

Why? What do you gain?

Well, apart from the obvious (a book full of YOUR affiliate links), there's a second massive passive benefit to giving away your branded e-book...

I can make it build your opt-in list for you!

You see, when you become a Partner with , you are given THREE links...
  1. Your personal URL to THIS webpage, so that you can resell partner rights to TheTrafficJam Formula and keep 100% of the profits. (That link also appears many times in your rebranded e-book).
  2. Your personal URL to the eBook, which carries all YOUR affiliate links. Readers using those links will be building YOUR affiliate commissions.
Yes! Do you see the simple beauty of it? ... You give away access to a great product that contains 100% your affiliate links, and everyone who accepts your gift needs to give you their name and email address (which I'll collect for you, and pass on - including IP Address and Date/Time Stamp).

So as well as the affiliate links in the book, you're now building your subscriber list for those VALUABLE BACKEND SALES

I bet you're fed up hearing people say, "The Money's in The List", but unfortunately you simply can't get away from it - if you don't have a subscriber list, you don't have an effective Internet Marketing machine... You're forever going to be struggling for those one-off affiliate commissions instead of building your own personal empire.

Hello Troy,

I managed to finish reading your ebook yesterday night and I must say.... It's a masterpiece! I've read tons of other traffic generating ebooks but none like this. The tactics and tips that you outlined are really innovative and I must say... extremely effective and can be easily applied by anyone, newbie or seasoned marketer.

I used to complain about the lack of new ways to market my product but now I have tons of exciting ideas thanks to the 3 hours I spend reading your report. Plus I loved your presentation ! - Thanks again!

Marcus Yong:
"Thank You"
Hi Troy, you did it again buddy! In fact, you outdid yourself this time. I was still trying to understand your upgrade to the Traffic Jam Formula, then bam! I got a sale this morning for $53.13 via PayPal.

I have to re-read your email below and re-visit my TJF rebrand site (with your latest upgrade), so I can work out the arithmetic. You're right I made $21.15 more!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I can't recall any program where I made 100% profit by absolutely doing nothing. Your TJF is the only one!

Congrats and thanks for being my partner.

Felix Ibay:
Orangeville - Canada


Here's what you get...
  1. Your own copy of The Traffic Jam Formula
    I absolutely guarantee that, if you follow the easy steps that I set out, you can easily get OVER ONE MILLION VISITORS to the web site(s) of your choice.
  2. The Redistribution Rights.
    Which means you can sell and redistribute this incredible system just as often as you want, for exactly the same price as I do.
  3. The Rebranding Rights.
    You can rebrand the many hundreds of affiliate links, and take 100% of the profit from the backend sales. You can be rebranding YOUR copy just minutes from now.
  4. Your own List-Builder.
    You get a notification direct from us of EVERY visitor who accepts a copy of The Traffic Jam Formula via your web pages. You'll find that people just LOVE free information, and they'll be happy to hear from you again and again once you add them to your subscriber list.

How Partner Package is Priced, and Why

I considered charging the same as another traffic "guru" who gives you access to a grammatically-incorrect e-book and charges you $197 for the privilege. But I soon changed my mind when I considered how unhappy I had been after buying what he was offering... Much of it was badly written, most of it was regurgitated garbage.

So I took a look round at top marketers like Ewen Chia, Michael Rasmussen, Marlon Sanders, Derek Gehl, Yanik Silver, Joe Vitale, and other respected Internet gurus, who regularly charge between $150 and $250 for their quality products.

And I thought, "Why should I match them when I can beat them?"

I considered how, for the first part of its life, if you wanted to buy The Traffic Jam Formula (in downloadable format) complete with rebranding it cost about $100.00

And, since I know you're going to love The Traffic Jam Formula, I was determined that you should love the new, reduced price just as much!

I want my partners (that'll be YOU immediately you join us!) to put 100% of the price of the product, direct into your own PayPal account, so it struck me that what I needed to do was to make a tiny, one-off, administrative charge for creating a great product, for the set-up, server space, maintenance, product updating etc., and then price the product at a figure that is so reasonable, it's just going to be impossible to say "no".

So that's exactly what I've done...

Here's the deal...

  1. I'm going to ask you pay your sponsor just $39.00 as a single one-off (non-repeating) payment for bringing you here, for showing you the product and the service, and for passing his or her partner rights on to you.
  2. And then I'm going to ask you to pay me just $9.00 per month (collected quarterly) as an administrative payment for creating this amazing product, for setting all this up for you, for providing marketing support, for providing you with the means to rebrand and resell, and to host your (ready-made) sales site on my dedicated server at ZERO charge.
If that isn't more than fair, I don't know what is. A total cost today of just $66.00 ($39.00 to your sponsor plus $27.00 for three months support). That's just $66.00 for EVERYTHING you see here - the latest version of this well-respected product, rebranding, list-building, your own website, direct payment facility, - (you'll soon discover that I like to OVERDELIVER on my promises!) - and then a tiny recurring charge for continued support.

But I want you to BE QUICK, because for sure I'm not going to leave the price so low once my server starts filling up with websites (which is already happening). If you buy in at this price RIGHT NOW - TODAY - you'll never pay any more... NEVER!

Honesty Statement: By allowing my partners to keep 100% of the sale price and 100% of the affiliate links, I take NOTHING except that miniscule administrative charge. At $9.00 per month (payable $27.00 quarterly) I make only a tiny, tiny margin after my overhead is deducted.

The current price will NOT be maintained for long. I reserve the right to increase the price of the The Traffic Jam Formula without notice.

The price you see today may well have increased by tomorrow.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more likely it is.

Will I really raise the price?

Yes. I have done it 4 times, and will do it again. I may stop offering Partnerships altogether, and only sell the eBook instead... I'd make a lot more money if I did!

But I want to share my success with you, so BE QUICK --- If you are smart enough to recognize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when it's hammering on your door, (right now the door's about to collapse!) then you can reward yourself by taking advantage of this unheard-of WIN-WIN offer...

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I should tell you - I NORMALLY AVOID PACKAGE DEALS! But I want to give you THREE amazing bonuses, because I want you to be TOTALLY happy with your purchase. Never let it be said that Graham doesn't overdeliver (because I ALWAYS do!)

So here's the deal...
If you become a partner right now, there are FOUR outstanding bonuses that you're just not going to believe. YOURS to download FREE with your reseller license to the amazing The Traffic Jam Formula.
How To Secretly Spy On Your Internet Competition
'How To Secretly Spy On Your Internet Competition' by Louis Allport ...
Value $39.95.
An amazing series of Videos (totalling almost 2 hours). This digital goldmine is a definite "must have". (CLICK HERE for full details of this product).
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Impact Popups
'Impact Popups' software from our own stable.
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Grab Your Visitors by the Eyeballs with these Unblockable Slid-in Visual Volcanos. Explode Your Profits, and practically Force your Prospects to see your message with the latest Profit Producing Technology ... "Impact" PopUps!
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You Can Now Run An Article Submission Site That Gets Other People To Submit Articles, Which Builds Thousands Of Google AdSense Revenue Generating Pages Without You Lifting A Finger Plus It Builds You An Email List At The Same Time!

(CLICK HERE for details of this amazing bonus).
YOURS to download FREE

'The Full MASTER RESELL RIGHTS to all three bonuses'
Value $457.00.
It just doesn't get any better than this! I'm going to GIVE you the Master Resell Rights to those first three bonuses. With the ready-made web sites that I will provide, you can resell them and make EVEN MORE PROFIT!

YOURS to download FREE

That's $760.95 of TOP-CLASS BONUSES ... TOTALLY FREE! Complete with 100% resale rights.

PLUS my amazing The Traffic Jam Formula, guaranteed to pull you an endless stream of site visitors.

PLUS your own Partner Website, complete and ready to take orders (and cash).

PLUS your own Fully Re-branded The Traffic Jam Formula, with ALL the major links taking your readers through to YOUR affiliate pages.

PLUS your own Opt-In Subscriber Page, where you can collect the details of all the people you give this product to.

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